Fair-Trade Feels Good!!

Hello friends,

Founded in 2002, at Katmandu Trading Company we love what we do, which is to say, working with you. Your kind and continued support over the years has allowed Katmandu to grow from a mere idea, into one of America's largest manufacturers and direct-importers of Nepalese handicrafts.

Along the way, and as a direct result of your loyalty and enthusiasm, our wonderful partners in Nepal and elsewhere, have simultaneously expanded their own even humbler origins, into operations that now support countless families and entire communities. In vulnerable corners of the globe, with no labor laws, it is imperative that fair-minded individuals rally together, creating a sum greater than the whole of its parts, thereby harnessing the power of unity, to provide opportunity.

At Katmandu, we believe in peace, and equal respect for all our brothers and sisters worldwide. R
egardless of religion, nationality, skin color, or shoe size, we are all here together, and will rise or fall as one. Hatred stems from fear, fear derives from ignorance, ignorance results from misunderstanding, and misunderstanding survives only through a lack of exposure. We believe that international commerce, when imbued with a conscience, is among the most effective methods for combating global tension, and all the subsequent harm which it causes to everyone. Cultivating relationships, making friends, providing possibilities, and embracing all cultures, is how you break down barriers, and replace them with bridges. Having witnessed first-hand for many years, the combined power of fair-trade and conscious consumerism, we know the immense potential it wields, and how it can, does, and will continue to change the world, making it a better place for all of us who wander our little planet here together.

Considering the above, and fully grasping what a crucial component you are for all our collective efforts here together, we couldn't possibly appreciate, or be more thankful for, your past, present, and continued partnership and support. It is our great pleasure, and our great privilege, to have the honor of knowing and working with our good friends, you and yours.

With kindest regards,

Jesse Schultz - Founder